Logistics Management

CostPlus Supply utilizes the latest technologies to manage and track an installation. From logistics quotation, order tracking to the final installation we provide the customer the tools to track and manage an installation or service request. Our competitors seem to make this a pain point with our customers. We believe its incredibly important to follow these installation planning steps. It is not difficult but there are mandatory steps to follow. 

  • Plan the installation ahead at order stage in terms of staging, order timing, and final install. Verify the price of these services.  We will plan to do a con-call with our installation team early after the order has been placed to verify these initial decision points.

  • Verify staging. This is critical step. We need to be as accurate as possible so we streamline the install to be JIT/JWIN. (Just in Time/ Just what I Need). Most of the time a facility is limited in space. We will hold and aggregate your order for 30 days at our facility so you take delivery of what you need. The storage fees (30 day limit) to hold this product are included in your initial quote. If we need to hold it longer we should know this upfront if possible to budget properly. 
  • Review site logistics. Is there a dock? What kind of truck(length) can your facility receive? We typically include lift gate service standard on all our project orders unless a dock is specified. We will need a contact to call and to verify if elevators are present.  

  • Inside placement needed? If so we include trash removal in our estimate. We will ask you about removal of older equipment and if so what are the plans for disposal. We also include all the mandates for worker protections and insurance compliance. We make sure the workers on the job know what is needed. At this point we will ask for a set of architectural plans or a building evacuation plan which we mark up so our installation team can go step by step through your facility without unnecessary hand holding.